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How to Mark a Milestone with Jewelry

Posted on Tue, Sep 20, 2011 @ 04:06 PM

Gemstones A diamond is a gemstone, but not all gemstones are diamonds. A gemstone, in fact, is a piece of a mineral which is cut and polished to make some of the most beautiful jewelry and adornments in the world. Gemstones come in almost every color imaginable and are prized for their beauty, rarity and durability. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are arguably the most prized gemstones -- besides diamonds, of course -- and are often referred to as traditional or precious gemstones.  

Like diamonds for an engagement, colored gemstones represent milestones in our lives and are treasured for their meaning. Several gemstones represent milestone anniversaries. For example, sapphires celebrate a 5 year anniversary, emeralds are given for a 20 or 35 year anniversary and rubies represent a 40 year anniversary. 

Gemstones are popular as birthstones as well. Birthstones are gems that correspond with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year. Different cultures across the globe have developed birth stone lists, so there’s not one universal birthstone list. 

Pricing for gems varies based on availability, popularity of color or material softness. When purchasing a gemstone, it is important to examine more than just carat size. Rarity, tone, saturation, clarity, durability, popularity and the cut of the stone also play a factor in gem pricing.

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Heirloom Engagement Rings: What You Should Know

Posted on Thu, Jul 21, 2011 @ 10:24 AM

When choosing an engagement ring, there are many factors to consider such as your personal taste and budget. However, when you pick out that perfect diamond engagement ring for your future wedding, it’s also important to consider the future of the engagement ring itself. Many family members pass on their engagement rings to their children and grandchildren as a symbol of good luck and fortune for future generations. This gift is often sentimental and can represent a deep family tradition - antique engagement rings are over 50 Heirloom Engagement Ringyears old! The ring becomes more than just a piece of jewelry…it’s a symbol of family strength, love, tradition and trust.

While shopping for your new engagement ring, think about if you would like to pass this ring along to your future descendants. If so, talk to your jeweler about these two important factors when investing in your engagement ring:



An engagement ring will be worn constantly and endure a fair amount of wear and tear in its lifespan. The type of metal it is made from will make a difference in how durable the ring is. Alternative metals such as stainless steel and titanium are very durable and will remain in good condition for decades.

However, some softer materials such as gold and white gold are more cherished because they are more valuable. They are not as durable as other materials, but their worth and beauty adds to their appeal. Value and durability of materials are both important aspects to consider when buying you soon-to-be heirloom engagement ring.


Choosing a style that future generations will want to wear is also important. Awkward family situations can occur when a bride-to-be does not want to wear her mother’s or mother-in-law’s ring because she doesn’t like the way it looks. Therefore, consider classic, yet unique styles. Trendy rings may be desired now, but not in the future. For example, the Round Brilliant Diamond is a classic diamond cut that is one of the most popular engagement ring cuts.

If you’ve been given an heirloom ring that is damaged or that you don’t like, you can have it reworked by your trusted jeweler. The band and stones can be altered to be turned into something you like and that is unique to you. Also, pieces may be replaced on a ring that has worn down or been scratched. Contact your jeweler about recycling jewelry!

Will you pass on your engagement ring to future generations? Share your stories about heirloom engagement rings in our comments section!

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