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Holiday Jewelry Forecast: Traces of Snow, but Plenty of Ice

Posted on Tue, Dec 13, 2011 @ 11:40 AM

Jewelry as a Gift As the holiday spirit settles around us in mid-December, diamonds and jewelry remain a glimmering selection for gift-givers nationwide. While diamond rings usually bring to mind marriage proposals and anniversary gifts, fine jewelry and diamonds remain popular presents during the holiday season. Historically speaking, the hustle and bustle increases for us a bit during this time of year; the top months for jewelry buying are November and December.

According to the National Retail Federation, the number of people asking for jewelry this holiday season lands at a whopping 23%, which is up 13% from last year. Some even believe that buying diamond jewelry is a prudent style of spending because diamond jewelry is resilient, beautiful and timeless. 

There is a reason why they say “diamonds are forever,” and industry growth in economic hardship further proves that case. While 61% of shoppers surveyed recently said that the economy will affect their shopping plans this year, jewelry sales in 2011 are also expected to climb. This demonstrates consumers’ interest in purchasing a beautiful products that have value. The fact that these shoppers also are eyeing some “ice” this holiday season shows that many feel more financially stable in 2011, giving consumers room to invest in jewelry.

Part of the allure of jewelry is that there are so many options and trends are constantly evolving to complement the wearer. Beautiful jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and costs and can be custom made to fit anyone’s personal taste. At SH Zell and Sons, we will work around all of your gift criteria. Whether you want to create a custom made piece or pick up a last-minute gift from our Online Store, our knowledge and industry expertise are at your disposal.

We want to know: is jewelry on your wish list this year? Leave us a comment and let us know! 


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