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A Guide for Buying Diamonds

Posted on Mon, Nov 21, 2011 @ 12:19 PM

Diamond PileAs the holiday season approaches, you may be faced with the dizzying proposition of purchasing diamond jewelry. Whether it may be a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, there are many things to consider when purchasing diamonds. To take some of the confusion out of diamond shopping and fully enjoy the holidays, keep in mind the following traits of the diamonds you will be shopping for.


When buying a diamond, remember the 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

  • Color – While most diamonds are white, or colorless, in color, consider a colored diamond to add some interest to your piece.

  • Cut – The cut of a diamond influences the stone’s sparkle. Diamond cuts range from being shallow to deep, and measures the symmetry and balance of facets.

  • Clarity – Clarity is determined by how perfect the diamond is. Pay attention to internal flaws (inclusions) and external flaws (blemishes).

  • Carat – A carat is the unit of weight used to measure precious stones. The higher the carat weight, the larger the diamond is.

Diamond Sources

It is important to also learn where and how the diamond was formed. This affects the price, proportions and sentiment of your diamond.

  • Natural – Diamonds that were created naturally were formed within the Earth’s crust over a period of a billion or more years. Natural diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth.

  • Synthetic – Diamonds grown in a laboratory can be created in a matter of weeks. Man-made diamonds offer a more affordable alternative to traditional, natural diamonds.

  • Antique – Antique diamonds are typically over 100 years old and are hand cut. Their proportions are different from more modern diamonds.

  • Canadian – Diamonds that originate in Canada are high quality and are required to pass a certification regimen called the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. This stringent tracking system helps eliminate the illicit diamond trade that funds illegal corporations.

Now that you are educated on the different types of diamonds you will encounter in your jewelry buying experience, take a peek through our Jewelry Box. If you don’t see what you want, Contact Us today about creating your dream piece and we will do our part to make this holiday season one of your most cherished.  

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