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Jewelry Recycling: What To Do With Jewelry You No Longer Wear

Posted on Thu, Mar 10, 2011 @ 04:49 PM

Do you have a jewelry box that’s filled with old pieces that you know you’ll never wear? Try recycling your jewelry (or as we like to call it… re-jewel-vinate)! The term recycled jewelry takes on a few meanings, but regardless of how you choose to do it recycling can lead to a nice profit, or better yet, your new favorite piece of jewelry. Stop stocking up and start your spring cleaning a little early this year. Here are a few ways you can recycle your old jewelry:

1. Create A New Family Heirloom

Some people choose to melt their jewelry down to create new pieces of their own. Almost any piece of jewelry can be transformed into something more modern or something more your style. It’s funny how people hold onto things for the emotional value even if they know they have no use for it. By creating a new piece with the materials from your old piece, you’re able to keep a memory alive and create something that you’ll love and be able to wear every day.

2. One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

What you consider ‘just another bracelet’ could mean ‘the bracelet I’ve been looking for’ to someone else. You’d be surprised what people buy from auction sites like eBay. If you’re not interested in a redesign of your jewelry and you don’t want to toss it, try to sell it yourself! Remember to include pictures, the size and any other details that will help your potential buyer. If you’re not sure how much to sell your items for, go to a jeweler you trust and ask for their professional opinion. The jeweler may also be interested in buying your merchandise!

3. Use Your Old Jewelry, But In Unique Ways

Recycling JewelryFashion:

Think outside the box and use old jewelry to help revive some other pieces in your closet. For example, take a pair of clip on earrings and attach them to the back of the heel or side of your shoe to pretty up plain pumps. Another trick is to pin a brooch to a clutch bag or hat.  

Mix and Match:

See if your existing jewelry can be combined with other pieces. You might have beads from an old necklace that would be a great addition to another necklace or bracelet.

Accessorize the Home:

By disassembling your old jewelry, you can make better use of unique elements. Vases and picture frames are examples of household items that you can jazz up with gems or beads.  

Recycling old jewelry is only limited to your creativity. A trusted jeweler can help guide you through this process if you get stuck. Just remember, never let your jewelry go to waste by allowing it to collect dust... and don’t even think about throwing it away! Find creative ways to re-jewel-vinate your collector’s items.

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