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How to Pick Valentine's Day Jewelry

Posted on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 @ 01:30 PM

When it comes to planning your Valentine’s Day, there are many ways to go about it - flowers, candy, dinner, or our favorite… jewelry.  Choosing jewelry for your valentine should be fun day out, not a dreaded task that you want to blame on Hallmark. Rather than get caught up in the Valentine’s Day hype, decide how you’d like to acknowledge this holiday. Our best advice is to plan ahead and be thoughtful. If you plan to buy a piece of jewelry for your loved one, here are some helpful hints to guide you to the perfect present:

Plan Ahead

Start thinking now about ideas that you think she’ll really appreciate. A woman knows when her man went to the mall for a last minute gift. Give this Valentine’s Day the time it deserves to think of something thoughtful.

Know what she likes

When it comes to choosing a gift, think about what it will mean to her rather than how expensive it is or how much you like it. Take her personality and overall look into consideration to help determine what type of gift will be a good match for her. Is her taste simple and elegant or bold and flashy? Another way to find out what she likes is by listening to how she compliments other women on their jewelry.

Know your Jewelry Options

Something Classic:

  • Heart shaped jewelry will always be a classic gift. It symbolizes love and is appropriate to give to daughters, wives and mothers.
  • Charm bracelets will always be popular because they allow you to create a meaningful piece of jewelry over time. You can personalize a bracelet by adding charms that reflect special moments in your life like when you have a baby or take a special trip together.
  • Birthstone jewelry is always more personal as it’s designed to represent the month she was born. Most items made with her birthstone can be worn every day, not only on special occasions. Pendants, rings and earrings are popular birthstone pieces.
  • Pearls will never go out of style. They are timeless and just as popular as they were hundreds of years ago. A strand of pearls makes a beautiful gift and also comes in unique colors to match the personality of your Valentine.
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Need I say more?

Something Unique:

  • Engraving pieces of jewelry are a great way to show your gift was made especially for her. Adding special dates, initials or personal messages are good suggestions for things like lockets or the inside of a ring.
  • Antique jewelry has become very popular. These pieces are usually more elaborate and are adorned with unusual gems and stones.
  • Give her a special family keepsake by updating a family heirloom. Bring an old piece that was passed down from generations to your jeweler. Rather than letting it sit in a case, a jeweler can polish it up, add missing stones, dip it platinum or melt it down and create something more modern.
Updated Engagement Ring

Something Fun:

  • Cocktail Rings are currently one of the trendiest pieces of jewelry. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are fun to wear for both everyday and special occasions.

Regardless of your choice of jewelry gift, pair it with a card chosen just for her.

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