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New York, NY 10036
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SH Zell & Sons

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The profession of "Jeweler" has become diluted by the large chain stores that hire only commission salespeople to push their products. The art of designing and matching fine jewelry to the individual has been, all but lost. At SH Zell we realize that a truly beautiful hand crafted piece has the potential to transcend time because it will be cherished from generation to generation. This is why we insist on working closely with every client to truly understand their needs and vision.

Our family loves this industry and for two generations has worked to perfect our art. We are proud to say that our business has been built entirely on referrals, not fancy advertising. Please don’t become offended if we suggest that your initial concept might not be practical or that you missed an important design opportunity. At Zell we want every piece to be perfect and would rather walk away from a sale than deliver a product that will not meet our standards.

If however you want an honest opinion and the advice of professional jewelers then let me be the first to welcome you to our family. At SH Zell we don't dress fancy or have high pressure salespeople, in fact you always have an owner to talk to. From creation to perfection we are with you every step of the way.